1. Can my student loans be forgiven?

Student loans are sometimes partially forgiven for people who meet certain requirements under federal student loan forgiveness and cancelation programs. If your student loans are not eligible for forgiveness, you can still access considerable savings under student loan consolitation programs.

2. My student loans are in default! Please help me!

Falling behind on your student loans is a frightening expereience that can be very stressful. Our student loan assistance professionals can help stop harassing calls, ruined credit, loss of licensure, bank levied judgements, wage garnighment, offset of income taxes and other undesriable consequences of falling behind on your student loans. Register for help today using the form above and take the first step towards getting your loans out of default.

3. What about student loan consolidation?

Under student loan consolitdation programs, your student loans are paid off and a new loan is created with a lower interest rate in addition to an extended repayment term of up to 30 years. Student loan consolidation is a great way to access significant monthly savings on your student loan debt.

4. What are the benefits of consolidating my student loans?

  • Significant potential savings. *Up to 50% in some cases.
  • Simplified finances. Only make one student loan payment each month.
  • Affordable, income based payment options - saving you money when you need it most, now!

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